X-Vision® is our top-to-bottom review of a business. Mueller Prost has developed a proprietary approach to assess the key areas within a business or organization and identify opportunities to advance the organization’s and stakeholders’ goals within those areas.

Why conduct an X-Vision® engagement?

To create additional value for the organization:

  • By identifying and prioritizing financial and operational opportunities for improvement; and
  • Implementing tools and techniques to improve cash flow and the bottom line

What does X-Vision® deliver?

  • Strategic planning solutions
  • Financial and tax planning strategies (federal, state & local)
  • Tax credit opportunities
  • Cash management techniques to improve cash flow
  • Methods to improve budgets and forecasts
  • Methods to utilize value drivers and key performance indicators
  • Internal control enhancements
  • Process and procedures improvements
  • Techniques to improve the utilization, management and morale of the workforce
  • Improvements to inventory management
  • Improvements to new product development and planning processes
  • Succession and estate planning strategies
  • Solutions to close gaps between an organization’s current and desired state in the key areas of a business
  • Controllership and CFO Services more>

What are the key areas assessed by X-Vision®?

  • Financial and Tax Planning
  • Risk Management and Internal Controls
  • Cash Management and Access to Capital
  • Management Goals and Strategy
  • Personnel
  • Inventory and Production Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Management and Information Systems and Reporting
  • Product and Service Offerings

What is Mueller Prost's distinct advantage?

Mueller Prost differentiates itself by offering its clients:

  • A dedicated X-Vision® engagement team consisting of experienced accountants, and consultants, many of whom have owned and operated their own businesses
  • Access to real-time benchmarking data
  • A proprietary approach to assessing the key areas of a business or organization
  • A commitment to client service that supplements traditional tax and compliance services

For more information:

To learn more about Mueller Prost’s qualifications and how X-Vision® can help improve your organization, please email John Oeltjen, CPA or Greg Pfeuffer, CPA or call a member of the Consulting Services Group (314) 862-2070.

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X-Vision® Consulting Services:

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