Mueller Prost team members who service Employee Benefit Plans are chosen because of their experience in multi-faceted operations and their interest in performing auditing, tax and consulting services. To keep on the cutting edge of technology and professional development, Mueller Prost Employee Benefit Plan Team members attend the most up-to-date conferences and seminars regarding training and expertise in the areas that count the most and are members of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and other professional employee benefit plan organizations. Our members provide excellent personalized service on a continuing basis throughout the year. With Mueller Prost, you will have a network of trusted advisers who truly understand your Plan and will save you time and money.

    For more details about Employee Benefit Plans, contact Quinn R. Martin, CPA, MBA, MaryPat Davitz, CPA, CITP, or Karyn A. Nunn, CPA

    Types of Plans

    • Defined Contribution and Profit Sharing including 401(k)
    • 403(b)
    • Defined Benefit
    • Health & Welfare
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
    • Deferred Compensation

    Types of Services

    • Full Scope or Limited Scope Employee Benefit Plan Audits
    • ESOP Consulting
    • Service Organization Controls (SOC) Reporting
    • Form 5500 Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan Preparation and Review
    • Summary Annual Reports
    • Department of Labor or Internal Revenue Service Audit Representation
    • Plan Document Review
    • Employment Benefits Planning and Consulting
    For assistance with
    Employee Benefit Plans:

    Call Us: 314.862.2070


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