Understanding the Case for Continuous Corporate Renewal
In today’s environment, it’s critical to continually assess where you are and where you want to be.

Looking for your bridge?
Continuing on the path to success throughout a company’s lifecycle requires the owners and managers to change and adapt the company’s business model, strategies, and processes to evolving stakeholder needs, new technologies, emerging competitors and other dynamics. The inherent challenges associated with change and adapting often contribute to financial underperformance, particularly in periods of economic distress, when liquidity and access to capital is constrained. These challenges test even the most skilled business managers, disrupting their ability to focus on entrepreneurship, revitalization and continuous improvement.

Especially during a crisis, companies seek assistance
In order to successfully navigate the corporate renewal process, companies are increasingly retaining the services of an experienced, integrated team of professionals who contribute specialized skills in the areas of strategic planning, corporate finance, process improvement and turnaround management.

Mueller Prost’s Services and Solutions
Our principal service offerings which may be utilized include:

Management Advisory Services

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Benchmarking and Market Analysis
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Modeling
  • Financial Statement Projections
  • Succession Planning
  • Interim Management Assistance

Profitability Enhancement Services

  • Process Improvement Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Vendor Spend Analysis
  • Contract Review and Competitive Bidding
  • Energy Conservation and Management
  • Internal Control Evaluation
  • Cost Accounting and Measurement
  • Information Technology Assessment

Corporate Finance Services

  • Business and Asset Valuation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Asset Deployment
  • Debt Structuring and Financing
  • Capital Infusion and Optimization
  • Tax Planning and Structuring
  • Transaction Due Diligence

Crisis Management Services

  • Collateral Analysis
  • Employee Retention and Severance
  • Litigation and Expert Witness Assistance
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Bankruptcy Planning and Accounting
  • Trustee and Receivership Assistance
  • Reorganization Valuation and Planning
  • Liquidation Valuation and Exit Planning

For more details on our expertise and to learn how we might assist your company, contact John Oeltjen, CPA or Greg Pfeuffer, CPA.

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