Reduced Overhead

Maintaining an efficient and effective billing strategy can require heavy use of your valuable resources. Let us help! From simple training and consulting to full outsourcing of the billing function, our consultants have the ability to reduce your billing overhead. Our billing professionals can also help ensure that once your claims are audited by fiscal intermediaries, you will collect and retain the funds you are entitled to for services rendered. 

Positive Cash Flow and Reduced A/R Aging

Maintaining positive cash flow is integral to the success of your practice. Our experienced consultants can evaluate your processes, identify challenges, and offer solutions on effectively managing your billing and collections to create and maintain positive cash flow. Allow us to streamline your collections and reduce your A/R aging, while allowing you and your administrative team to focus on the heart of your operation - the patients.

Our areas of focus:


Billing Services

  • Full time outsourced billing services
    • Medicare Parts A & B
    • Medicaid/Medi-Cal
    • Managed Care/HMO’s
    • Home Health
    • Third Party Insurance
    • Crossover Claims
  • Electronic filings of claims
  • Claims processing
  • Appeals and denials
  • Posting of EOB’s
  • Follow-up on unpaid services
  • Insurance verification assistance
  • Capitated plan submissions
  • Managed care assistance
  • Billing office and internal control analysis


Collection Services

  • Lost revenue recovery
  • Audits
  • Collections
  • Bad debt management
  • Research reimbursement issues:
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid/Medi-Cal
    • Fiscal Intermediaries
    • Managed Care
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • All private insurance carriers
  • Customized management reports


Consulting Services

  • Staff education and training (billing and clinical)
  • Utilization Review cost management
  • Establish managed care contracts
  • Review and renewal negotiation of managed care contracts
  • Review and renewal negotiation of vendor contracts
  • Evaluate revenue flow and A/R recovery
  • Treatment Authorization Requests, if applicable
  • Review monthly payroll
  • Structure systems to minimize exclusion medications
  • Assist with plan of correction for state Health or Social Service Department surveys


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